“There is a loftier ambition than merely to stand high in the world. It is to stoop down and lift mankind a little higher.” — Henry Van Dyke

Welcome to the world of grant making. is committed to being a source of valuable , free and actionable information for both experienced grant writers and consultants as well as for neophyte nonprofit staff. Our focus is on helping nonprofit organizations obtain funding. If you are an individual seeking funding please see our resources for individuals looking for personal grants.  Individuals should also review community information about grants and free money.

First let us say that you are part of a rather noble profession. Writing a grant proposal is not the most creative of endeavors. Certainly it can be tedious to comply with a litany of rules and requirements when there is so much we are passionate about. But if we can skillfully apply our writing abilities to communicating our passion in a clear and concise manner, and if it resonates with the right grant maker, the results can be wonderful indeed. Our efforts help to preserve and clean up the environment, care for needy children, provide housing for the needy, enable students who need scholarships, allow artists to express themselves and so much more.

If you want your organization to succeed there is much for you to learn here. Most critical will be learning to communicate your passion in such a way that a grantmaker can clearly see and measure the benefits your program will produce and relate it to his or her own mission. There is a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to be had when you have successfully translated your passion into a well-crafted and documented proposal that meets the needs and desires of the funder. It is worth your effort and we hope these resources will help you on your way to well-earned awards: