Four Factors for Success

There are four important factors for writing successful grant proposals: 

  1. How well your nonprofit organization creates and delivers its service;
  2. How well your proposed project measures up in terms of being innovative and/or of major importance;
  3. How well your project matches the vision and goals of the funder and the level of competition for this award; and
  4. How talented the grant writer is at communicating your case.

While every grant has its own unique requirements,  the items listed above are consistently essential to the grant seeker.  That means that you must have a compelling story for each of those items.  Otherwise, even the most expensive grant writer or consultant will be unable to craft a convincing case.  Likewise, if you take an honest look at your track record and how well you provide your service and you have done a good job choosing a funder whose vision aligns with yours you will have a solid advantage in the game of grantsmanship.